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      Vacuum pump maintenance method and the matters needing attention is what

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        Maintenance methods:

        (a), the roots vacuum pump check:

        1, daily check:

        A) oil level check: too much oil and make temperature, oil amount too little, due to bad lubrication.

        B) the temperature check: check each part of the pump temperature thermometer.

        C) check the motor load: use power meter or current, voltage meter measuring the motor load.

        2, roots vacuum pump monthly check: loose coupling and gasket is damaged and

        Every 3 months 3, roots vacuum pump, gear box lubricating oil is bad

        4, roots vacuum pump check every 6 months:

        A) whether front cover bearing lubricating oil in the metamorphism.

        B) piston ring and piston end paper set for wear.

        C) trace level of gear wear affect whether the rotor functioning, whether to need to adjust.

        (2), roots vacuum pump disassembling:

        Booster pump to remove and reassemble, must according to the following considerations:

        1, the roots vacuum pump before disassembly, measure and record the rotor parts clearance first.

        2, try to avoid using heavy hammer, the removed parts shall not be damaged, safekeeping.

        3, will need to replace the parts replacement reason and usage recorded in detail.

        4, roots vacuum pump before repackaging must put all the parts clean, burr repairing the light.

        5, no seal or seals of the static seal face with "106" organic silicone coating. With a clean seal rubber seals, coated with vacuum corker fat. With the overflow valve vacuum pump on the overflow valve sealing ring and plane shall not apply Ren Ke grease.

        6, according to the clearance list in all parts of the rotor clearance adjustment.

        7, all installed shall be leak detection.

        After 8, reshipment must be necessary for commissioning and performance test, after being normal to install and use.


        Roots pump working principle, performance characteristic roots pump is essentially the same as the CAM pump, but of the rotor is roots type. It can handle liquid viscosity for tens of thousands of cp. Roots pump is mainly have two rotating in the opposite direction of the rotor is located in the pump body, by a pair of synchronous gear transmission, for rotor of roots pump, the pump body mesh with each other, but have a gap. Gap size mainly depends on the liquid viscosity. Beyond a certain viscosity increase scope must adjust clearance.

        1, roots pump, check the oil level position, often do not conform to the rules must be adjusted to conform to the requirements, with roots pump operation, the oil level into the center of oil standard shall prevail.

        2, roots pump oil change period according to the actual conditions of use and can meet the performance requirements, and so on and so forth, by the user's discretion. General woosong, pumps, pumping clean and dry gas, it is recommended to work 100 hours oil change at a time. After being oil can't see the black metal powder, can be appropriately extended after oil change period.

        3, the roots pump often check the oil situation, found that oil deterioration should be timely replacement of new oil, Paul Bates pump working properly.

        4, roots pump under normal circumstances, the roots pump work should be done after 2000 hours, check Jue rubber seal aging degree, check whether the exhaust valve slice is craze, clean up the precipitation in the dirt from the valve and exhaust valve seat. Clean the whole parts of roots pump cavity, such as rotor, vane, spring, etc., generally clean with gasoline, and dry. In rubber parts with dry cloth to wipe dry. After cleaning cleaning assembly to should take put down gently to be careful when bruised.

        5, roots pump to the bearing body join bearing lubrication oil, should observe the oil level in oil mark the centerline, lubricating oil should be timely replacement or supplement.

        6, the roots pump inspection roots pump pipe road and the junction have loose phenomenon. Turn the roots pump with the hand, and proved roots pump is flexible.

        7, roots pump to assembly should be done after commissioning, which generally idle running 2 hours and oil change two times, because when cleaning the roots pump will have a certain amount of volatile matter, after being properly functioning, back into work.

        8, roots pump to start the motor, after the roots pump operation, open the export and import of roots pump pressure gauges, it shows that the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, check the motor load condition at the same time.

        9 roots pump, roots pump to control the flow and head, within the scope of the specified on the sign to ensure that the roots pump running at peak efficiency, to achieve maximum energy saving effect.

        Zhangqiu yi tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of roots blower ZLSR company. Its main products are roots blower, roots blower, and three leaves roots blowers three-blade roots blower, high pressure blower, ZLSR, three leaves roots blowers ZLSR fan is my company to design, development, production of a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and new products. This wind turbine parts adopt numerical control machining center for processing, and has advanced detection equipment and high-quality personnel, to ensure that each factory equipment and have high quality, high service life. The company to provide you with perfect pre-sales consulting and after-sale tracking service, for every customer to remove trouble back at home, the new and old customers get the praise. My company is located in the east of jinan MingShui, jinan-qingdao road north, 18 kilometers away from jiqing expressway, jiaoji railway traverses MingShui city, traffic is very convenient. Welcome all customers to visit my company guidance, business negotiations.

        Address: zhangqiu MingShui hou home park street office

        Telephone: 13705411652

        Fax: 0531-83209474

        Contact: xin-sheng cheng

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